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16th September, 2019
We've added Image submission backend support, enjoy downloading from within submissions in browser from our seedbox! The page width has also been adjusted for desktop!
2nd July, 2019
The advert experiment has been turned off, since in the span of two months the site made a total of 35 cents...
So may as well remove them so we don't bloat up the site and stick with funding the seedbox ourselves.
31st May, 2019
We're doing a small experiment with adverts. If it goes well we can fund our seedbox!
30th May, 2019
A PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 section was added to the site!
28th May, 2019
A mouse cursor was finally added to the website, and animates over links!
The captcha was also slightly improved, to now show "Please Wait" upon pressing for slow connections.
24th May, 2019
Sitemaps are now auto generated, hopefully this improves search results.
Main URLS are now more clear as they now contain the pages title.
More of the navigation bar links have had their names shortened.
Emails now use a new server, so they shouldn't be blacklisted now!
Game pages can now display thumbnails! Although, there is no user interface to upload any just yet, so only certain games contain some right now.
Song of the day was added! Hit the play button on the home page if you want to start dancing!
Viewing individual comments links on submissions now contain the submission title.
26th April, 2019
There's now a Sega Game Gear section, plus the Sega consoles on the navbar were reshifted to be next to each other.
Some listings on the navbar had their names shortened. There is now a Image badge! Keep posting content to the site to earn it!
24th April, 2019
Added a Commodore 64 section to the site!
17th April, 2019
The "Top Comments" section now only shows if comments on the page contain upvotes. The "View Comment" pages now contain a source link of where the comment belongs.
16th April, 2019
"Remember Me" option was rewritten to use cookies instead of sessions, so now the site shouldn't log you out randomly after a few days with this option.
14th March, 2019
The Magnet Links guide has been expanded, also an additional guide link has been added to all magnet link submissions.
7th March, 2019
The MagnetGames Beta party has ended, so Image badges are no longer given to users.
As for site updates, you can now login with your email + avatars now appear on the comments and submissions!
Upvoting/Downvoting buttons have been resized for mobile users, aswell as other minor improvements across all pages.
And lastly, user profiles also no longer show the time they last posted due to privacy reasons.
31st January, 2019
Users are now notified when their game suggestions are approved! Horray! Also the "suggest a game" link was changed to a button for more visibility.
Also posting submissions has more info about Magnet Links and IPFS hashes now.
In other news the MagnetGames beta party will be ending very soon! So grab your Image while you still can!
1st January, 2019
Happy new year! Exciting news today, as there's a tonne of new platforms added to the site! Happy Browsing!
19th December, 2018
There's been a rewrite internally. The site can now fully use META tags, including better page titles for web browsers.
This rewrite should improve search results on most search engines along as also being more descriptive when links are shared to social platforms.
Badges were added! Everyone gets party hats yay!
IP Addresses are now hashed before they are stored, the Privacy Policy has been updated to describe this.
MagnetGames hopes you continue to use the site as we improve it with new features!
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