11th Feburary, 2020 - IGDB API support added internally. Expect more cherry submissions (Starting with NES)! There's a new blue button CSS, submissions can link covers plus there's now IGDB game ratings! Also there's now a dedicated site news section. Collections section has been moved above the table of contents.

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MagnetGames - Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines:

  1. Do not spam comments, accounts, or submissions on MagnetGames.
  2. Please refrain from directly linking to any copyrighted material in comments or submission descriptions. Cryptographic hashes/links only.
  3. MagnetGames supports freedom of speech and you're free to make fun of any members as you please. However personal attacks such as doxing, legitimate death threats and user spam will absolutely not be tolerated and will have your account permanently banned!
  4. You're allowed to add a submission for anything, as long as it's on topic with the game/page. Please don't add off-topic submissions to the pages content. This includes the content contained within the submission.
  5. Do not send false reports, feel free to report anybody that breaks the rules above, but abuse of this feature could get your account banned.

Privacy Policy:

    What info MagnetGames has about registered accounts:

  • Your Username and Email address: This is used for logins and notification emails.
  • Your IP address (hashed): Incase you abuse the rules and we need to ban your network from being used on the site.
  • Date and time you registered: Will be used for if you were around during an event.
  • Your comments and submissions: Note, if a submission has been posted anonymously then nothing about the user is stored. This also means once an anonymous submission has been made, it cannot be deleted by you!

  • It's important to note MagnetGames does not directly store your password, only an unreadable hashed + salted version of your password for logins.
    So don't ask us what it is, we don't know.

    What info MagnetGames has about guest visitors:

  • Your IP address (hashed): ONLY for login attempts and the captcha feature. Browsing the site normally will never store your hashed IP address in the database until you do the above.

  • MagnetGames will NEVER EVER sell data about it's users to anyone!

    Update 19th December, 2018: IP Addresses are now hashed before they are stored.


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